Residential Service Plans

  • Be confident your windows look great, no matter the season!

    We have three great service plans available for our residential customers. They are set-it-and-forget-it easy, they double our already great weather guarantee, and they come with some of our best discounts! We call these plans our 2x, 4x and 6x Premium service contracts.

6x Premium Residential Window Cleaning Contract

The 6x Premium is six cleanings per year—two full cleanings (inside and out) and four outside-only cleanings—for one great price. Savings of up to 35% off!

It includes 20% off our gutter cleaning and pressure washing services.
When you sign up for our 6x Premium we’ll send you the dates of your services at least 6 months in advance and you’ll get email reminders of your scheduled dates…We’ll keep your windows cleaned all year long without you having to think about it!

The cost per year for service is equivalent to three full cleanings. For example: If a whole-house window cleaning in your home costs $100, the price for the Annual Service Agreement would be $300, made in two $150 payments. That’s six services per year for the price of 3!

4x Residential Window Cleaning Contract

Offering a little more control over your service schedule, our 4x service contract comes with a 15% discount on each service. This quarterly service plan is built the way you like it…do you want 4 full cleanings per year? No problem. Prefer one full cleaning and three outside-only cleanings? You got it! Want to make sure you have a full service before Thanksgiving every year and a full service in the spring? It’s up to you. We will complete the service you choose, and you save 15% all year long.

As with all our service plans, you’ll get a 4-day weather guarantee on your services. If mother nature spots up your windows the day of service or the three days after service, give us a call for a free touch-up on the affected windows!

Our 4x Residential window cleaning contract also includes 10% off all gutter cleaning and pressure washing services!

And your scheduling is on auto-pilot… we will schedule dates and send you reminders for all of your services.

2x Residential Window Cleaning Contract

The most basic of our service contracts, our 2x service contract includes service twice per year, in the months you choose. Schedule during our slower months and save up to 20% off!

You’ll get automatic scheduling, reminder emails, an upgrade to a 4-day weather guarantee, and 10% off our gutter cleaning and pressure washing services!

Like the 4x service, the 2x contract allows you to choose the scope of your service. Want a full service or an outside only? Let us know, and we will customize your service to meet your needs.

Not sure which contract is right for you?

Get in touch with us by phone (970 412 8169) or email ( and we will get you any information you need. We have a 99% answer rate on our phone calls! And if you are the unlucky 1% that has to leave a voicemail, you can be confident your call will be returned the same business day.