About us

The A New View story.

A New View Window Cleaning is owned by long-time Loveland/Fort Collins resident Dan Hall. The business was formed in 2009 and has grown steadily since. In 2022 A New View employed 25 full time employees, and completed more than 5,000 residential and commercial window cleaning jobs!

Our focus is on giving "Award Winning Customer Service" through window cleaning, gutter cleaning and pressure washing. Our staff are friendly, professional and accommodating.

Dan grew up in Fort Collins, and attended Fort Collins High School and Colorado State University, where he obtained a B.S. in Business Administration in 2005.

Employee image of Dan

Dan started A New View in 2009. He previously worked in retail management for Gap, Inc. and Mervyn’s and he graduated from the College of Business at Colorado State in 2005.

Employee image of Zed
Scheduling Manager

Zed has been the backbone of A New View for years. He is always willing to give a helping hand in the office and ensure that everyone is in line. He definitely plays the role of leader and enforcer with his mean mullet and Harley Davidson. All he is missing in our opinion is a nice leather jacket.

Employee image of Conan
Customer Service Manager

Conan showed up here at the office one day in 2020, and the next thing we knew, he was getting promoted to manager! Conan is a friendly and outgoing person, who loves chatting with people, which is why he's the main voice of the company- when you call in, it's usually Conan who's there to whisk you away in conversation.

Employee image of Hazen
Dispatch Manager

After joining the Team in 2020, Hazen showed initiative and quickly climbed to a manager position. He enjoys cooking and hanging out with "the Dudes" on weekends. He helps keep the work place social and fun.

Employee image of Drew

Drew came aboard the A New View Crew way back in 2016. Window Cleaning is one of Drew's passions- He even spends his free time researching new techniques to improve his own work! When he's not cleaning windows, Drew is typically spending his time with his wife and kids, or teaching someone else how to play guitar.

Employee image of Micah

One of the more tenured employees, Micah joined the crew in early 2016. He is a gamer through and through. If you don't catch him giving award winning customer service at A New View, he'll probably be grinding at the next big game with Taco Bell in hand.

Employee image of Jordan

Jordan joined us back in 2018 and was quick to learn as much as he could about the trade, and as he grew within the company, he started doing what he could to help his teammates learn and grow as well. Jordan is the kind of guy that likes to do the dirty work that some others would avoid. When it comes to all of our Services- Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, and Pressure Washing, Jordan is always both quick and thorough, going above and beyond.

Employee image of Trey

Trey is a man of few words. An efficient and hard working guy- Trey would rather let the results do the talking. His attention to the little details has brought a lot of positivity to the company since he joined back in 2019.

Employee image of Wayne

Originally from Louisiana, Wayne moved to Colorado and joined our team. Wayne's willingness to "get to it" and friendly attitude have made him a customer favorite over the years.

Employee image of Jackson

Adventurous and outgoing are two words that define Jackson well. Jackson loves to do everything outdoors, especially hit the trails on his mountain bike with his family. He is a star here at A New View when he isn't traveling with his theater group running their lighting setup. You'll know you have Jackson when you hear his signature laugh!

Employee image of Garrett

At the end of 2021, we welcomed Garrett to the family and his desire to grow has brought him far. While not as outgoing as some others, Garrett's friendliness has garnered much attention from customers and teammates alike. A bit of an artist, Garrett likes to sculpt and paint figurines in his free time- a hobby that takes much attention to detail and is a valuable skill in the Window Cleaning trade.

Employee image of Kevin

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Employee image of JoHarris

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Employee image of Tristan

If you want reliability, this is one the best guys to practice it. Tristan worked for us back in 2019 and loved it so much that he came crawling back. We were happy to accept him because we knew his work ethic is A+. You're certain to be in great hands if Tristan is running the job for you. In his spare time you'll catch him playing games, building computers, or shooting guns.

Employee image of Titus

Titus was a great addition here recently, not to mention the clan of friends he has dragged along. He was a star athlete and the commitment to hard work has definitely carried over to A New View. The same can be said about his friends Vaiden and Kyle. Despite being so young he has more than proved his ability to lead a team for the company!

Employee image of Colter

Colter jumped on the A New View Bandwagon back in 2018 shortly after his friend Jordan came in. Colter has proven himself time and time again as one of our top performers. When paired with Jordan, we can expect nothing but the best from this Golden Duo!

Employee image of Vaiden

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Employee image of Trevor

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Employee image of Kyle

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