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Weather Or Not, Here We Come! – May


May 2014
A Monthly Newsletter From A New View Window Cleaning, Highlighting Our People, Practices, Promotions and Non-Profit Involvement
Washing Windows in the Rain?
One of the most common questions we get from our customers is “Will the rain mess up my clean windows?”
The simple answer is “not typically.” When windows are left spotted after a rain storm it’s not actually because of the rain, it’s because dust and debris (that were already on the glass or in the air) have been grouped together and dried on the glass.
We actually suggest that getting your windows cleaned during a rainy/wet season (like the one we are in right now) is a great way to prolong the cleanliness of your windows. There is no dust in the air, the ground is saturated and grass is growing. Once we get your windows cleaned, there is no dust around to leave spotted glass!
Our weather policies are outlined in more detail on our website, including information about our 48-Hour Weather Guarantee!
Clean Windows. All Year Long. At BIG Discounts.
Annual Service Agreements from A New View.
Put your window cleaning on auto-pilot, and enjoy each of Colorodo’s beautiful seasons.
Our Annual Service Agreements include six cleanings per year–two full cleanings (inside and outside) and four outside-only cleanings–for one great price…Savings of up to 35% off!
The cost per year is equivalent to three full cleanings on your home. If full service on your home is $100, then the price for the year is $300, made in two payments of $150. Six cleanings for the price of three!
Get more information on our service agreements here, or send us an email to get an Annual Service Agreement price on your home!
Why Worry About the Weather?
Leave the weather-worry to us, thanks to our 48-hour weather guarantee. If mother nature dirties your windows the day-of or day-after service, we’ll give you a free touch up. Check out our weather guarantee page for more information.
Meet Jon!
Jon is originally from Beaverton, Oregon, and he joined our team in April. He thinks this job is pretty relaxed, because his previous job was working 16-hour days on a fishing boat in the Bearing Sea! He enjoys playing guitar and video games. He’s a quick learner, and has been a great addition to our team!
Good Stewardship is Good Business
At A New View we don’t want to only be known as a small business located in Northern Colorado. We want the reputation of active participants, stewards and servants in the Fort Collins, Loveland and Windsor communities.
We are pleased to have given more than $2,000 and 40 hours of our time to non-profit organizations during the first five months of 2014.