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The Squeegee Spotlight – April


A Run in with a Goat! Plus, “What if it rains on my clean windows?”

A Run in with a Goat!  Plus, "What if it rains on my clean windows?"

 April 2015 
A Monthly Newsletter From A New View Home Services, Highlighting Our People, Practices, Promotions and Non-Profit Involvement.
Customer Spotlight: ~Thank you for our beautifully cleaned windows this morning. What a wonderful treat to have them look so clean and perfect this morning looking out at the mountains! We so appreciate this great service and certainly use you again and again~~Nancy McGinnis~~
Why worrying about the weather is a thing of the past!
During the first several years we were in business we heard lots of comments, suggestions and concerns from our customers about what makes a great window cleaning service. We used that feedback to build business practices that have helped us to win awards for our high levels of customer service! One concern, however, that we didn’t know how to solve was “What happens if it rains right after I get my windows cleaned?”
So a couple of years ago we started a new policy that would give our customers peace of mind, about something that we can’t even control! A 48-hour weather guarantee against the best (and worst) that mother nature has to offer. If your windows get spotted up by the weather the day of or day after your window cleaning service, call us for a free touch-up!
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Committed to Giving Back-
April Involvement:
We were excited to be able to partner with the Foothills Service League for the 2015 Taste of Loveland. The Foothills service league supports the Namaqua House and Foothills Gateway. It is our 2nd year of supporting this event!
We donated a whole-house window cleaning gift certificate to their silent auction. The funds raised from this event help support their work with children and adults who suffer from mental or emotional disorders. 
To learn more about our community involvement, please visit our In The Community Blog.
If you have a non-profit organization that you believe in, we’d love to hear about it.
Have you met Bill? 
He’s the one in the blue shirt :-)… and he’s one of our new team members. This picture was taken during Bill’s first week with us, at a residential job site in Loveland.
Bill loves people, but he’s a little bit timid around goats!
He celebrated his birthday this week, and he has a degree in art. Learn more about our team by clicking here!
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