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Industry-Leading 48-hour Weather Guarantee from A New View

Why worrying about the weather is a thing of the past!

During the first several years we were in business we heard lots of comments, suggestions and concerns from our customers about what makes a great window cleaning service. We used that feedback to build business practices that have helped us to win awards for our high levels of customer service! One concern, however, that we didn’t know how to solve was “What happens if it rains right after I get my windows cleaned?”

So a couple of years ago we started a new policy that would give our customers peace of mind, about something that we can’t even control! A 48-hour weather guarantee against the best (and worst) that mother nature has to offer. If your windows get spotted up by the weather the day of or day after your window cleaning service, call us for a free touch-up!

Whether it’s rain, snow, window, sleet or hail, your clean windows are guaranteed for 48 hours after the completion of your service.

What causes spotted windows?

One misconception about dirty windows is that the rain is directly responsible for dirtying the windows. The truth is, however, that spots on windows are more closely related to dust than precipitation. Over time, dust builds up on the surface of your windows. This dust is generally pretty uniform across the surface of the glass, so it’s hard to identify. When it rains or snows, this dust is moved around, pooled together, or partially removed by the precipitation. After the windows dry, the new dust remains in tight groups, and it shows up as spots on your windows.

At the time of this writing we are in a pretty rainy season. The ground is generally saturated, or covered in grass. Roof tops have been rinsed of their winter dust. Most of the trees have blossomed. A lot of the farming fields have crops growing in them. This means that there is very little dust left in the air to spot up your windows. In most cases, once the windows are cleaned they will stay clean, even after getting hit by rain!

What do I do if my windows get spotted up after a cleaning?

With our 48-hour weather guarantee your clean windows are guaranteed for the day of service and the day after. If your windows get rained or snowed on during this time, make a note about which sides of the house have moisture on the windows. They are the windows that are most likely to spot up. A typical storm in Colorado will put precipitation onto one side of the house, occasionally two.

After the windows have dried and the sun is shining, take a look at the windows again. You may notice that all of the windows on one side of the house need to be touched up after the weather. You may find that just a handful of windows (like on a deck that may have had dust on it that blew around) need to be touched up. Or, you may find that your windows still look great! If you find any windows that need to be touched up, give us a call to let us know. We will get a crew out in the next few days to touch up the affected windows.

Doesn’t this policy cost you a fortune?

Not a fortune, no 🙂
There is some expense for our business associated with this policy, of course. But being the best window cleaning company in the area means thinking outside the box, and solving problems for our customers. Being the service leader is something we are passionate about!

There are some benefits to us, as well. We currently employee 12 people, which makes postponing jobs on short notice due to the weather pretty challenging. We also service thousands of customers every year who have varying degrees of weather sensitivity. With the 48-hour weather guarantee, we get through our work more consistently throughout the year, with less reason to worry about what the weather is doing, and less reason for our customers to be concerned. As long as the weather is safe for our employees to be working in, we can move forward with your window cleaning job!