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I have some paint (or other construction debris) on my windows. How do you handle this?

Most residential window cleaning jobs that we are doing for the first time have some amount of construction debris on them. Our policy is to take care of this extra debris for you during your first service at no extra cost. We want to establish long-term relationships with our customers, so we are willing to take the extra time during the first service to remove this debris and get your windows looking great.

If your windows are being cleaned for the very first time, and still have stickers and other new-construction debris on them, then our new construction rates apply. We add an extra $3 per window in this scenario, to make sure we have enough time to clean all the paint, adhesives, caulking, drywall, etc. off your windows. The new pricing comes to $8 for ground floor windows, $11 for 2nd story windows, and $6 for glass doors.