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Can you clean Pella Removable Pane Windows?

Definitely. Pella has two generations of removable pane windows, where the double or triple-pane construction can be disassembled and cleaned in between the panes of glass. The first generation has clips holding the 2nd pane into the window, and the pane completely removes from the window for cleaning. The 2nd generation has 3 slides that hold the 3rd pane in place, and the panes hinge open.

We are familiar with the operations and cleaning procedures for each of these generations of window, and see them on a regular basis. There are additional charges for disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling these windows. The rate is dependent on which generation of window it is, and if the windows have blinds or shades mounted inside of them.

1st Generation (clip locks) 2nd Generation (slide locks)
Without blinds/shades $5/pane removed $5/pane opened
With blinds/shades $8/pane removed $5/pane opened

On each of these styles of window we will wash the internal part of the window first, and allow it to dry before closing them back up. This prevents fogging in between the panes of glass. If your windows should fog up after we have left, opening them up for a few seconds and fanning the air out should allow the last of the moisture out from in between the panes. Alternatively, you can leave the panes in place and allow a couple of heating/cooling cycles to drive the last of the moisture from between the panes.