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Auction Donation–Christmas Basket Outreach–11/28/14

In November 2014 A New View Window Cleaning donated a whole-house window cleaning gift certificate to the Resurrection Fellowship’s Christmas Basket Outreach auction. The certificate sold for $1,000! The money raised at this auction goes directly to supporting less fortunate families over the holidays.

Resurrection Fellowship holds this auction annually to raise money for holiday meals, toiletries, and toys for children in the supported families. Each family receives two shopping carts full of the above mentioned items, and the support runs far deeper than just financial. Christmas can be a stressful time for anyone, but the strain is felt most on those families who cannot afford to have Christmas dinners, or to buy toys for their children. This auction lets these families know that there is hope out there and the community has their back.

Dan and Erica Hall, the owners of A New View, started donating whole-house window cleaning gift certificates to this auction back in 2011. They are Christians who feel that one of core foundations of their beliefs is the love and support of their neighbors. They have personally seen that the Christmas Basket Outreach is a great way to show this love and support.


Do you know of any non-profit organizations in your community that support those that are less fortunate? If so, contact us and we would be happy to team up with them!